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What is TPB tech®?

TPB tech® is a ground-breaking, energy-saving induction technology that enables you to cook directly on your benchtop. The ultra-compact porcelain surface is extremely durable, doesn’t stain, doesn’t etch, and is completely UV stable. The uniform, seamless, and practically undetectable cooking surface, gives luxury designer kitchens a whole new meaning.

What are the key benefits of using TPB tech®?

1. World’s first fully-integrated cooking and benchtop system for home and commercial kitchens

2. The most energy-efficient cooking solution on the market, requiring less energy and increasing cooking efficiency

3. Available in both standard and customisable size to suit any kitchen design

4. A firm surface that may be used for cooking, food preparation, and a variety of other activities

5. You can cut food directly on the surface, making it a safe and sanitary surface to clean and care for

6. A unique elevated cooking surface that minimises surface heat and reduces the risk of people being burned

7. Ceramic porcelain composite composition with the maximum flexibility

8. The porcelain substance is the simplest to work with and the least prone marking and chipping over time

9. A portable and easy-to-handle porcelain composite that is lightweight and robust

10. Available in a variety of colours for island benchtops and along the wall.

How long has TPB tech® been on the market?

For almost two years, the technology has been actively offered in the European market. Prior to its commercialisation, the technique took four years to develop.

Can TPB tech® be used in commercial kitchens?

TPB Tech® is ideal for use in commercial kitchens. TPB surfaces and TPB Tech® technology were chosen by famous Michelin 7 star chef Martin Berasategui for their quality, strength, durability, space savings, and simplicity of cleaning in his flagship restaurant kitchen.

Where else can TPB tech® be used?

The TPB Tech® induction cooktop can be installed in any interior space, including ships, caravans, workplaces, dining rooms and dining tables as long as there is a power supply and the area is covered. The TPB Tech® porcelain panels are also available in 10mm thickness and can be used for:
– Indoor and outdoor flooring and wall cladding
– Benches, islands and kitchen or bathroom countertops
– Ventilated or plated facades
– Reforms or renovation of existing materials
– All types of furniture and/or decorative elements for homes

Why is there a trend towards using porcelain in cooktops/benchtops?

Porcelain is attractive, extremely strong, hardwearing, and lightweight, weighing only 25 kg per square metre and being virtually scratch resistant to all cutting utensils. Diamonds are the only things that are known to scratch the surface.

Can food be prepared directly on the cooking surface?

Yes, the porcelain surface is one of the most hygienic sanitary surfaces for food preparation. However, you may prefer to use a chopping board as the porcelain surface is so tough, you may find your knives need sharpening more often.

Do I need special cleaning detergents to clean the surface?

Cleaning the TPB Tech® benchtop/cooktop does not require the use of any specific products. Stains may be cleaned with hot water or any commercially available home detergent.

Is Porcelain heavier than Caesarstone?

No, in fact Porcelain is 25% lighter than Caesarstone. The porcelain is environmentally friendly, lightweight and easy to keep hygienically clean. The range of colours means you can personalise your benchtop to suit.

Do I need to have special cookware?

TPB tech® induction cooktops function with exclusively designed cookware to have the maximum strength and great resistance to deformation. Other induction cookware will operate with the TPB tech® cooktops if they are used with elevation parts that can be supplied when purchasing the TPB tech cooktops.
TPB tech® Residential Cookware (pdf)

Where are the TPB tech® products made?

TPB tech® induction cooktops are manufactured and developed to the highest quality in Germany. It is the only integrated induction cooktop that has been CE (European Conformity) certified. The CE Marking is a manufacturer’s certification that their product conforms with the essential standards of relevant European health, safety, and environmental regulations as written forth in the many product directives. 

What kind of warranty does TPB tech® offer?

TPB tech® invisible induction cooktop comes with a 2 year warranty.
TPB tech® Warranty (pdf)