The New Generation of Home Cooktops

Our Invisible Induction Cooktop is the first of its kind in the world and allows for a truly unique cooking experience and kitchen design. The TPB tech® range of induction cooktops makes it easy to cut, cook and serve food all on the one benchtop, resulting in versatile space usage for maximum practicality.

Residential TPB tech invisible induction cooktop
Safe, Durable, Functional

Our Unique Colours


Belvedere Black

This black granite comes from African quarries in Angola. Belvedere Black has a black finish with white veins and little golden flashes within the veins.

The piece's black background contrasts with the veinage, giving it that unique and sober look that is so popular nowadays in kitchens and other rooms.

It's a product that works well with other natural materials, such as wood, and helps to express a sense of luxury.


Slate Black

The volcanic stones of southern Italy inspired this series. The visual variety in Slate Black is consistent and unpredictable, with apparent wear in different portions of the pieces, as well as some defined veins at the surface's ends.

Exquisite, with a lot of individuality to add a distinct and unforgettable touch to rooms.


Boreal Umber

Wood inspired by the Boreal Forests that stretch from Alaska and Canada to Scandinavia and Russia in the northern part of the planet.

The texture of natural wood is replicated in Boreal Umber, yet with the strength of the newest generation board.

Because of the high quality of the visuals, the grains and texture of the wood may be accurately recreated. Its durability and adaptability have made it one of the most popular materials for adding a warm, rustic feel to any space.



Calcatta Gold

Calcatta Gold's character and elegance are manifested in an elegant surface distinguished by luminous veins and exceptional golden details. An exceptional infinite pattern results from the ability to project an infinite horizontal and vertical continuity. It has the look and feel of natural stone, but with TPB tech®'s durability and ease of maintenance.

Calacatta Gold Swatch


Cosmopolita Gray

Cosmopolita Gray features lovely muted grey tones that can soften an otherwise industrial design. It has a lovely matte concrete look with all of the advantages of porcelain.


Cosmopolita Silver

Cosmopolita Silver is a soft, gentle colour that adds interest without being overpowering. It has a lovely matte concrete look with all of the advantages of porcelain.


Crotone Pulpis

Marble from the Castellón de Santa Magdalena de Pulpis quarry in Spain. A unique dark brown marble with delicate veins and golden flecks that works well in both modern and classic settings.

Crotone Pulpis has a gorgeous marble look that is popular in many high-end retail projects as well as unique international contract work. Its natural-looking colour gives any project a traditional, dramatic feel.




Galilea, a porcelain cooktop finish, gives your room a soft glow reminiscent of sandy beaches. The light sand colour creates a relaxing and serene atmosphere in your kitchen or bathroom, similar to that of a coastal resort. Galilea's gentle elegance and neutral hue create a timeless beauty, making it ideal for interior design. Galilea offers a relaxing atmosphere that makes every day feel like a beach day.


Gravel Acero

Discover the understated elegance of the Gravel Acero porcelain cooktop finish. It radiates a sense of modern sophistication with its mid-gray colour and subtle, creative features suggestive of chips and rocks. This finish smoothly integrates history and modernity, making it ideal for modern settings looking for a hint of nature's raw beauty. Gravel Acero will transform your home into a stylish and sophisticated oasis.





Gravel Antracite

Gravel Antracita porcelain cooktop finish, a sophisticated brother of Gravel Acero, entices with its blackness and depth. This darker variant keeps the little elements that resemble chips and rocks, but adds a dramatic twist with its charcoal-black colour. It emanates opulence and mystery, creating an irresistible atmosphere of modern luxury. Elevate your interior design with Gravel Antracita's powerful appeal, producing a dramatic yet elegant statement.




Gravel Caliza

The Gravel Caliza porcelain cooktop finish will provide timeless appeal to your living space. This earthy, soft finish captures the sense of nature's serenity, infusing your kitchen with a welcoming warmth. Its natural patterns suggest the calming presence of limestone, resulting in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Bring the beauty of the outside indoors and enjoy the tranquilly of Gravel Caliza every day.





Grum Black

Grum Black was created for the most discerning consumers who want a completely black worktop or space.

Because of its versatility and polyvalence, it is one of our most popular mono colours. One of the "top sellers" in the kitchen industry is pure black.

It is frequently paired with white porcelain to create elegant and timeless settings.


Imperia Silver

It is a volcanic balsaltine rock formed by the quick cooling of lava. Imperia Silver is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications due to its strong technical features. Its grey finish gives it a light and airy feel.

An elegant, subtle stone, it is a highly sought-after commodity by architects and interior designers. It's practically a single colour, but it retains the genuine stone's subtleties.


Imperia Black

A volcanic basaltine rock formed from fast cooling lava. The salt and pepper appearance of this stone makes it suitable for utilitarian work surfaces.

Imperia Black is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications because of its great technical features. The dark finish adds a sense of calm to any room.

Due to the consistency of each piece and the fact that it is a peaceful, elegant, and quiet stone, this product is in high demand among architects and interior designers. It's essentially one hue, but it has the nuances of natural stone.



The Macchia Vecchia Gold marble is from the Italian Carrara region.

It has an ivory white background with dark grey veining and orange highlights. It is without a doubt an aggressive design with a strong personality for making specific spaces stand out.



Moma Rusteel

Moma Rusteel is a lovely aged metal, with a variety of hues and depth, as well as rusted sparkles. It is influenced by the industrial architecture of New York City in the 1980s, as its name suggests. We wanted to pay homage to the well-known museum in New York City.


Pietra Grey

TPB tech's Pietra Grey finish combines the grandeur of marble with modernism. An elegant combination of deep greys and delicate veining provides timeless sophistication, infusing any space with distinguished contemporary beauty.

This porcelain is ideal for elegant, modest, and majestic places, such as kitchens and socialising areas, and is the ideal choice for individuals looking for a smart and distinctive style in their surroundings.



Pietra Silver

Pietra Silver benchtop finish adds refinement to any kitchen. The gunmetal grey finish with delicate white streaks gives depth and character to your space. This finish is ideal for individuals seeking a sumptuous and timeless look that can compliment multiple design types. The stone-like surface adds elegance and refinement to your kitchen, making it more visually appealing.




Premium White

Premium White porcelain combines delicate grey vein reflections that add character to the finish. Due to the elegance and harmony, this is one of our most popular porcelains for all uses. Its subtle appearance allows it to blend in or serve as the centrepiece of any room.


Torano Statuario

Without a doubt, one of TPB tech's best sellers is the Torano Statuario. It's an igneous rock from Italy that's known for its light colour and grey veinage, which is highly uniform and has very fine and parallel lines.

It is highly valued in architecture and as a construction material all over the world due to its mechanical characteristics and natural beauty. Interiors, baths, décor, cladding, and flooring are all examples of its utilisation.


Vagli Gold

Our Vagli Gold porcelain comes from some of Italy's finest quarries. It reflects the look of white calacatta marble with extremely thin veins. Given its elegance and harmony, Vagli Gold is a standout product for covering and outfitting any room. The piece's clean white base contrasts with the veins' incrusted golden reflections to add a warm touch to any area.

Scratch Resistant

Porcelain stoneware is definitely the hardest material among those available on the market; thanks to its ultra-compact surface, it’s extremely durable, doesn’t stain and doesn’t etch making it the ideal choice for always having a perfect kitchen benchtop.

TPB tech® is the ideal solution for the most advanced architectural concepts.