TPB technology

The World’s Most Advanced Cooktop

TPB tech® is a fully integrated, highly efficient cooking solution uniquely designed with a revolutionary multilayer material for maximum durability in the kitchen. It’s the first technological surface with invisible integrated induction on which you can prepare, cook and plate.

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Porcelain-ceramic surface
The most resistant top on the market today
Aluminium layer
Dissipates the heat to prevent breakage
Fills in the composition
Aluminium layer
Facilitates flexibility & resistance


TPB tech® Cooktop Properties


TPB tech® Cooktop Properties

1.  Porcelain-ceramic surface
2. Aluminium layer (top)
3. Bakelite
4. Aluminium layer (bottom)

Porcelain tile by itself tends to break when there are sudden differences in temperature, such as those that constantly occur during the firing process, due to the temperature coefficient of thermal expansion. TPB tech® solves this problem with its patent for the material TPB TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA®, which is a multilayer material composed of porcelain, aluminum, Bakelite and another layer of aluminum.

Cooktop Multilayers

The surface is made of porcelain and provides all the positive properties of this material (it is non-porous and therefore antibacterial, absolutely scratch resistant, easy to clean and can also be used as a cutting surface). The aluminum layer under the porcelain tile serves as a heat conductor and therefore acts as a heat sink that safely prevents thermal shock. The other layers of Bakelite and Aluminum ensure significant weight reduction, high impact resistance and absolute flatness.

The Advantages of TPB tech®:


By heating the cookware directly and not the cooktop


TPB tech’s maximum output is 172 watts p/h, compared to 250 watts p/h for comparable inductions on the market


Spilled food burns slower, and there are no grates or glass edges to clean


Feel safer with less chance of burns since the benchtop does not heat up and the induction field temperature is limited to 80 – 150°C

Exceptional Surface

Surfaces in porcelain stoneware resist high temperatures, frost and thermal shock. These characteristics are fundamental in a kitchen, as the frequent contact with any hot pots and tools may damage the top. High temperatures and sudden thermal changes are unable to affect this material in any way thanks to its high technical performance.

Precision Control

Our individual induction system eliminates bulky buttons and dials and instead creates a touch-sensitive and non-intrusive control system built into the induction cooktop surface.

TPB tech® Cookware

TPB tech® utilises specially cast aluminium pans with Teflon feet (rises) on the bottom. This provides a gap between the cookware and the surface, reducing the amount of heat that remains on the benchtop after cooking. This has the benefit of preventing food residue from clinging to the bottom of the pan when spilt and allows the surface temperature to remain low, decreasing the risk of burns. Other types of induction cookware can be used using elevation components, which are available when purchasing TPB tech® cooktops.

TPB tech® impresses with its speed and excellent energy efficiency.