How does a TPB tech® Invisible cooktop work?

We’re frequently asked how our cooktop works here at TPB tech®, and there’s a common misperception that the entire surface can be utilised for cooking, and that pans can be placed wherever and still function.

In reality, the cooktop features induction zones, just like typical induction cooktops. However, this is where the resemblance ends. TPB tech® works with an individual induction system, unlike other induction producers that create inductors to fit the induction glass. Individual induction elements are normally aligned in a straight line towards the centre of the surface, allowing plenty of area on the periphery for prep or a glass of wine.

In addition, unlike standard cooktops, the number of inductors and the top can be customised to meet the user’s needs. Inductors that aren’t in use can also be utilised as extra worktop space.

What options are there for customising the cooktop?

Aesthetics: The cooktop comes in 18 different finishes, including natural stone effects like Torano Staturaio marble and Granite-like Pietra Grey Mat, as well as metallics like Terra Mater and Moma Rusteel. The ultra-chic Grum Black, Black Selene, and Malm Black are also available. As a result, there’s a colour for everyone.

Functionality: TPB tech® is installed directly under the benchtop with touch-sensitive controls incorporated into the surface creating an invisible cooking surface — one that elegantly doubles as bench space when not in use. The distinct zones are identified by built-in LED temperature indicators that sit beneath them.

Safety: Because of the unusual construction, only the area directly below the hot pan in use gets hot, all regions outside the active cooking zones can be used for prepping food. As a result, there’s minimal chance of getting burned.

Durability: The TPB tech® cooktop is the most durable available. The porcelain-ceramic surface is fully non-porous, easy to clean with just soap and water, and can’t be damaged or discoloured by wine or citric acid. The only material that can scratch it is diamond. This means you can utilise the top for all of your chopping and food prep.

Size, dimensions, and configuration: Customers can select a Mini-TPB tech® available with predefined dimensions which can be installed virtually anywhere in the kitchen or select a custom TPB tech® available in a variety of sizes. TPB tech® is the only appliance on the market that can be customised to be larger than 90x50cm in size. Furthermore, we can specify additional dedicated worktop space as well as recesses for a sink, faucet, and sockets, resulting in a completely seamless appearance.

What are the advantages of purchasing a TPB tech cooktop?

A TPB tech® cooktop is the most multipurpose induction cooktop on the market today, as it is the only one that doubles as a work surface, in addition to the characteristics we’ve discussed. It’s also the most efficient on the market, and it’s the only cooktop that can be customised totally to the needs of the customer.